Tuesday, June 10, 2008

NCAA Schedule for Kazuba, Fitzgerald and Anderson
Pole vaulter Nicole Kazuba will start off the competition for the W&M trio on Wednesday at 7:30. At 8:50 Ian Fitzgerald will run in the 5000 meters and the final on Friday at 9:35. Emily Anderson's first 1500 will be on Thursday at 6:55 pm and then on Saturday at 4:12. Schedule. Also go here for a nice summary of the three and their competition. For live results, click here.

Also a personal plug. One of my former training partners is an agent who started Kimbia which represents many top Kenyan and US athletes. One of my former teammates and roommates at W&M, Scott Douglas (who also was once the editor for Running Times and still writes articles for it and Runner's World), has a series of videos here looking at some of Wisconsin's post collegiates who now run for Kimbia. The vblog features many of their training methods. If you've never visited the site, there are also some great videos of Kenyans training in the Rift Valley.

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