Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sean Graham's Final Two Weeks in Europe
The last two weeks of the trip have been a bit lower key. Having been in Leuven for two weeks already I felt I have seen most of what is to be seen. Since the 3k in Ghent was on a Sunday and the next race was a Saturday I only had 5 days before lacing up to race again. Read more

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Frey finishes 4th in Pan American Games Marathon
With a temperature of 60 degrees, Frey '04 moved up from 12th place at mid-race to run a PR of 2:16.48 . Look for Jacob's own race summary in a few days.
Graham runs 13:23.5 (Main program, B section)
Last night Sean Graham became the second fastest 5K runner to attend W&M with his six second PR in Heusden, Belgium. This is the last stop in Sean's European tour. Come back later to see his blog on his last two meets.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Ed Moran Wins Pan-American Gold Medal
Moran '03 became the first current or former W&M athlete to win a gold medal in the prestigious meet held this year in Rio De Janeiro. Moran's time of 13:25.6, just off his PR of 13:20.35, was run under cloudy skies and 75 degrees temperature and set a new record for the meet. Among Moran's opponents were the defending NYC marathon champion and a 13:11 and a 13:12 pair of 5K runners. Read more Even More And Still More

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Graham runs 3:40.37 at Braaschaat, Belgium
Click on the video above to see Graham '03 finish 4th (white shirt, short hair). Graham made a move into the lead on the backstretch, but was passed on the last turn. At the same meet Alan Webb ran a 3:46.91 mile which you can watch and click here for the post-race interview. Next up will be Frey and Moran at the Pan-American games and Graham will be in a big 5K next weekend. All three will have blogs on this site about their experiences.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Life on the European Circuit
Click on the video above to hear Sean Graham talk about his recent victory in Gent, Belgium. You can see video coverage of life on the European circuit by clicking here. See the town (Leuven) that Sean is in by clicking on #8. Finally click here to read about Sean's life during the last two weeks. Sean talks about his "big" paydays, life in a dorm room and getting around by bike. Read more

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sean Graham '03 Wins 3K in Gent, Belgium
Graham ran a 7:47.69 (click on "loopnummers"), just over his PR of 7:46.9, to win the 3000 meter race at the Flanders Cup meet.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Post Season Honors
The US T&F and XC Coaches Association named the men's team as one of the top 34 All-Academic teams in the US for carrying a 3.01 GPA. Two of the boys, Ian Fitzgerald and Keith Bechtol were also named to the national All-Academic team. Bechtol was also named the CAA athlete of the year. The women's team was likewise honored as one of the top 97 teams for its 3.21 GPA.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Frey - 14th at the Utica Boilermaker 15K
Jacob wrote this blog about his race this past weekend and his final tune-up for the Pan-Am games. The previous I week I had run 150 miles and to say the least I was not expecting much. Its and odd feeling to have a heart that visibly beats through a couple shirts, and still be so tired you get passed by the fat girl going up a couple flights of stairs. I made the trip up to good ole Utica New York for the Boilermaker 15k with Michelle Lilienthal. Read more

Also click here to see some great tv coverage of Webb's recent 3:30.54.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Graham runs 3:44 at Memorial Leon Buyle meet in Belgium.
Sean Graham ran 3:44 (in white singlet in video above) on July 7th in his second European meet this season. The race was won by NCAA 5K champion Chris Solinsky in 3:37.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Ed Moran's Blog (who was 9th at the Peachtree 10K)- Vol. 1
After reading Jacob and Sean’s blogs this week, I felt guilty about procrastinating and forced myself to complete my first contribution to the website. This is my first attempt at blogging, so please be patient. If you are looking for a literary masterpiece, please look away now. Much of my blog will be stream of consciousness, and I can guarantee it will not be as entertaining as Jacob or Sean’s. I do not possess Jacob’s timing, and I have never attempted to clear customs with 4 Ibs. of blow. Also, on a side note, I would like to make this blog as interactive as possible. So, if it leaves you with any questions or if you ever want me to elaborate, just post a comment under the blog. Read more

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sean Graham's (in white jersey along side 2nd place runner Ed Moran '03) Euro Tour Blog #1 – Cork City Sports 3000m – Cork, Ireland

An Introduction
After a mediocre performance at USA Nationals I looked forward to beginning a full month of racing in Europe. With the help of my agent Matt Lonergan I fortunately was able to get in many of the races I was looking for, including two 3k’s, two 1500’s and a big 5k at the end. Including the week in Indianapolis I will be away from my current home in Eugene, Oregon for a total of 6 weeks, competing in 6 races. I will attempt to keep you up to date with results of my races and stories of my travels as the trip goes on. This entry I believe will be the longest by far because of the craziness I had to endure just to get to the first meet. Read More

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

This summer we will have several guest bloggers, one of whom, Jacob Frye sent in this first installment about his excitement over making the Pan-American USA team.
To bring you up to speed I was the last guy selected to represent the United States this summer in international competition. Getting that call from USATF probably made for the best day of my life, and I dont think the guy on the other end ever heard so many happy cuss words before. I was in the midst of finals preperation at Villanova Law School and nothing takes the edge off a nasty contracts exam like the thought of wearing USA. Im beyond psyched that Ed has also gotten a position on the team. He has told me that after he races he wants to shop till he drops, but maybe I can get him to do something a bit more manly. Read more.

Monday, July 2, 2007

MORAN and FRYE chosen for Pan-American Games
Ed Moran '03, by virtue of his 5th place at the recent USA Track and Field Championships, was chosen to represent the US in the 5K while Jacob Frey '04 (see above) who has a PR of 2:17 was chosen to run in the marathon. Read more