Sunday, June 28, 2009

Not Natalie Baird
Yes, this is video of the young lady who won the USATF junior discus, but isn't it great that we have any video at all of a discus competition, much less the other ones below?! Baird, remember, was 5th in this competition.
Moran After His 10K
Baird 6th at USATF Juniors
Natalie Baird finished a spectacular frosh season by coming in 6th in the discus at the USATF junior meet.
Newberry 11th at USATF 10K
Above is part 1 of Newberry's 11th place at the USATF meet and here is part 2.
Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

USATF Men's 10K
I've been away from a computer for a few days, so this may all be old to you, but nonetheless. Above is the 10K where Ed Moran was 5th .

Friday, June 12, 2009

Anderson 9th in the 5K
Emily Anderson finished 9th in 16:42 in the 5K earning her second All-American title this year and third in her collegiate career. Results are here
NCAA Results
So far here are the results from the NCAA meet. Ian Fitzgerald finished 21st in 14:17 in the 5K, not making it out of the heats. Brandon Heroux was 19th in the initial heat in the javelin with a 208-7 throw. More Jon Grey was 20th in the 10K in 29:51. More

Emily Anderson finished 5th in her heat in 16:27 to advance to the finals while Betsy Graney ran 10:46 for 24th in the steeplechase, thus not making it out of the heats. More

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NCAA Meet Starts on Wed.
Here are the names of the six W&M athletes competing at the NCAA meet and the times that they are competing. If you want to watch the meet live, go here on Wed, here for Thur, here for Friday and here for Sat.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

As I find meet information on the NCAA meet which starts on Wednesday, I will add them here. For now, here is the official meet site. Here is the Flotrack site and here is the NCAA site for

Friday, June 5, 2009

Born to Run
When I was at W&M, Randy Hawthorne and one of my college roommates, Scott Douglas (who is now the online editor of Running Times), used to go off and run ultra-marathons. I thought they were crazy! While this book has nothing to do w. W&M (unless you count the fact that it mentions Vin Lananna who ran for Roy Chernock prior to his coming to W&M), it is a great read and does ask some very interesting questions. You won't agree with all of it (if you are hurting, then you are running too fast & 98% of runners should not wear shoes when running ), it is a great story - albeit partly about ultras and the joy of running. Amazingly it is now 16th on the NYTimes Bestseller list and a quick read. Here is Bill Rodgers' review of it and the WashPost (June 21st).

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Two More Going to NCAA Meet
Jon Grey was selected to the meet in the 10,000m run after timing 28:55.48. Brandon Heroux also made the championship meet as expected in the javelin, after taking seventh in the East Region Championships last weekend. His career-best throw of 227-5 (69.33 meters) to win the CAA title in April was the top mark in the at-large pool, and Heroux is seeded 14th overall and Grey is 23rd.

Here are the men's and women's entries for the NCAA meet.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Lots More Pics
When I was in school, Randy Hawthorne took a ton of pictures and taped them to the blackboard for us to take what we wanted. Now he takes them and Shelby puts them here, here, here and here (I fixed the link) instead!