Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ian Fitzgerard Blog

To be honest this is my first blog ever and Ken Halla has asked me to talk about my upcoming 5k at regionals. Very recently I ran 13:57 at Stanford and have a possible chance of qualifying for nationals. I will be the first to say that my race at Stanford wasn't the greatest and I missed a few decisions which probably cost me a few seconds. That race is in the past and now I turn my attention to the IC4A meet, which should be an excellent stepping stone to the regional meet. more from Ian

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Anonymous said...

Today at 5 P.M. our team heads to Princeton for the IC4A and ECAC meet. I have also just finished my 3rd out of 4 finals and am excited to take a break from studying to go to this meet. Quite a few of my teammates, Matt Keally, Jason Schoener, Keith Bechtol, Colin Leak, Patterson Wilhelm, and possibly Jeff Perrella will be looking to run in the 5k as well tomorrow night. This provides us with teammates to look to for support during the race. I'm hoping that the race goes out fast enough to give me a shot to redeem myself from my last 5k and possibly run a few seconds faster. It is also exciting to go to a championship meet like this where the atmosphere can be extremely exciting. I haven't gotten a chance to look at the field for the 5k so I still have a few race plans going through my head. I will post another blog when I get back from the meet, but as for now I have to finish packing before I head to the bus.