Saturday, December 13, 2014

W&M Ex-Runners Making a Living in the Sport

There are many people who ran for the tribe that have gone onto coaching careers (Alex Gibby, Jason Dunn are two examples at the collegiate levels) and Sonia Friend-Uhl has become a very successful trainer.  Many many more who have become high school coaches at the high school level including Tim O'Dowd who takes many of the photos for this blog and coached a two time XC national champ. Others have become professional runners such as Matt Moran, Jon Grey, Christo Landry and Elaina Boularis.  But there are others who have joined in for other endeavors (and send me more if you know of them).

For example my senior roommate, Scott Douglas, is a senior content editor for Running Times/Runner's World and has written several books on running (two with my former training partner Pete Pfitzinger).

Emily Furia (who along with Harold Anderson puts together our two annual newsletters) has written a book and is the editor or Bicycling Magazine (and was a 1500 meter All-American).

Eleven time All-American Matt Lane is a lawyer and a sports agent representing, among others, Ben True and W&M grad and USATF road racer of the year, (most notable as it comes after two years of injuries and sub-par results and years of climbing back up the ladder to success) Christo Landry (another All-American).  

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