Saturday, December 13, 2014

W&M's 10,000 Meter Strength

This article only discusses the men's team, but it does a great job of listing all of the William and Mary men's runners who have broken 29 minutes for 10K as well as others connected to William and Mary such as Coach Solinksy who has a 27:59 record and Greg Meyer who ran 27:53 in 1982 (which I well remember as I stupidly chose to eat breakfast that morning rather than go to the track and watch the solo effort (2nd was mid 28 range).  Thanks to Rick Platt for all his research on the article.   Above is an image of Ed Moran who is the only W&M grad to have broken 28 minutes. 


Anonymous said...

Christo Landry ran 27:28 in 2013 at Stanford!

Anonymous said...

I believe you are about a minute off on Solinksy.