Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Only 9 Days Left -- Hawthorne Challenge

We are in the final stretch run for the Hawthorne Challenge, and you still have the opportunity to make a big impact on your Tribe XC/T&F programs!!! Here is what the current numbers look like:

  • Men's almuni participation sits at 22.7% -- need 22 more donors before 11:59PM on June 30th
  • Women's alumni participation is currently 22.9% -- need just 9 more donors before 11:59PM on June 30th
Remember, each additional percentage of participation will be matched by Randy and Shelby to the tune of $1000! So 22 more men will mean an additional $2000+, and 9 more women will mean another $2000+. Gifts of any size count, and this is a great opportunity to make a HUGE impact with your gift.

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