Saturday, December 4, 2010

District 3 Regional from 1974

Back when I was in school (mid-80s) we were still divided into districts in XC instead of regions.  We were the largest (when I ran the race, we typically had 250 in the race) in the country.  Only 180 people ran in the NCAA race (as opposed to 240 today).  Each district's number of teams were decided beforehand (we had the most with four).  Our district could have up to 5 individuals as long as they were in the top 15 overall.  At any rate, thanks to Ed Lull for the heads up on this amazing footage.  You will notice a number of great shots of W&M runners. Go here to see the race and a number of closeups of W&M runners.  The footage actually is quite clear. The XC team was 4th (best showing ever) in 1973, but did not make it in 1974.  Thanks to Randy and Shelby Hawkthorne for identifying many of the runners: Reggie Clark #359,  John Greenplate #385, Gene Schultz #371, Christophe :Tophe” Tulou, George Baquis #358, and Tim Cook # 381 and Brendan Gallaher #374.

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